About me :

I was born in sanandaj at 1990. I am currentely a MSc. student in Plant pathology(Phytobacteriology) at Isfahan Univesity of Technology. I do research under suppervision of prof. M.Bahar. My research is about Epidemiology and detection epiphytic population of Erwinia amylovora, the causal agent of fire blight on pome fruits.

Educations :

- M.Sc. Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture, Isfahan University of Technology(2013-present)

- B.Sc. Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kurdistan (2009-2013)

Research Interests :

Epidemiology of bacteria
Application of Bioinformatic in Plant Pathology
Molecular and Serological Methodes for Detection of Bacteria(Phytobacteria)
Effect of Population Epiphytic of Bacteria in Thier Epidemiology
Control of Plant Diseases